Not to be outdone by his Scottish cousins, the rare Dutch Fold.
@agiletortoise @mattgemmell @subdigital Getting there.
@judykitteh Lies! #360iDev
Humble beginnings: the @NewLemurs technical resource library at Appsterdam HQ.
Wobbel still not getting the being a cat thing.
I actually understand what my coffee cup says! #Dutch
@erik_daniel I blew one up in a steamer yesterday.
I too am proud.
Oh _that's_ why the poking cup.
This grainy photo was the last we heard of him.
Rubric for a great startup: They make it b/c they wanted slave-free chocolate. You buy it b/c it's delicious. #swAMS
@palimondo Not for racing (bad idea!) but later, when I worked at Apple, I did.
Nice hoodie, @judykitteh, now that nice means weird.
People at #gotoams like Glass but LOVE these.
Dropping an F bomb on British television. Achievement unlocked! // via @neilinglis et al
WWDC '12 - WWDC '13, my year in one picture:
Pleased as punch. // Thanks @davehayden!
The @stickermule icon stickers look great! If you see me around WWDC / AltWWDC say ahoy and I'll give you one.
@alancfrancis Go out the Apple-side door for this Easter egg:
Closed out my last night in San Jose at a Sabercats arena football game. Great seats!
At the corner of Washington and Detroit, by a historical marker for Chicago Road, and this sign. #synchronicity
Tapped Black Pixel. Visited Zoka. Finished GM. Finally. // @NewLemurs
Groupon for the muthufukin win.

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