Our daughter has CP like Rosa RT @katiestone @CustomsBorder detained 10yo #RosaMaria Say NO https://www.aclu.org/Release-Rosa
The Maiden meeting of the NM EV meet up is 8:30am today in front of ABQ Apple Store - join us! #ev #solar #Harvey
The edges of your shadow become perfectly crisp and clear moments before totality #Eclipse
Lillie Mae Stone and Nick Tiller - married!
An auspicious Albuquerque sunset with Tesla Model 3 logo in clouds for tonight's reveal at https://www.teslamotors.com
Next time I see 'Honk! if you understand punctuated equilibria' bumper sticker, I'll honk https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punctuated_equilibrium
Downtown Albuquerque's @deepspacecoffee is open - come enjoy! #levitated
Will buying "Who To Follow" placement on Twitter fool the millennials? @HillaryClinton @dailykos @BernieSanders
Listening to ♬ 'Weather Report Suite' - Grateful Dead ♪ and thinking about you
Happy Halloween! Jerah Callaros's Walking Dead #walkingdead pumpkin art
Found my 4-on-the-floor Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe shifter knob, @drwave! Have a safe & sugary #HappyHalloween
"Not Your Mascot" by Bunky Echo-Hawk - an indigenous response to cultural appropriation
Why my insanity sauce is so loco: habanero, bhut jolokia, jalapeño, chile caribe, and tiny Thai red hots
Are you ready for the Future? (as imagined in 1960's at the NY World's Fair)
We found footprints of a ghost in the machine #foundart
New Mexico's High Desert Pipes and Drums - take a listen....
Have you heard @nationbeat? Tonight in Burque, this New Orleans band is jamming!
The design process behind Paul Rand's NeXT icon http://www.printmag.com/featured/paul-rand-steve-jobs/
Here's the NM Decrim ballot question -  [Drug] War is Over if you want it
Chill Dills: place grape leaf, dill seed, garlic and cukes in jar. 1/4 cup apple vinegar, 1 cup water, 1 TBSP salt
Garlic planted in October gets braided today - their green hopeful shoots were harbingers of spring all winter
25 years ago, TextArt was born on the NeXT. Today @indrora laser etched a cube for me!

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