Tesla S key is cool but has 2 fails @elonmusk : slippery enough to fall out of pants, and button use perforated case
Happy Cinco de Meow!
Even my phone has given up being a climate change denier #abq
The new $100 bill to be rolled out October 8th and it's security features http://www.newmoney.gov/currency/100.htm
Saying goodbye to Pat 'Pate' Valdez, the beloved Ojo Caliente bus driver who died on the job #rioarriba #nm RIP amigo!
Locavore wildcrafters take note! Empty Duranes acequia is full of Louisiana Lobster aka crawfish | crawdad
Golden Crown Panaderia #abq's best empaƱadas, pizza & breads featuring a fireplace on their refrigerator
Bringing my commemorative Deep Crack chip to @corydoctorow talk tonight in #abq http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EFF_DES_cracker
It's always lunchtime at @bbum's Crabtacular X where old NeXTies and new friends meet
Nesting combo 'lap desk' / stool and low desk for Emma who likes to work near the floor. 3 boards w 2 braces #adaptive
Very gradual change we can believe in - Happy Birthday Charles Darwin!
Cirque du Mac perks including hanging with my cyber homie Bud Tribble & Steve Jobs' college roommate Dan Kottke
Why I love http://j.mp/videator is because the random effects button keeps surprising me! #cirquedumac
Hey #iworld - I'll be Videating the light show tonight at Cirque Du Mac X. Don't miss it!
How @teslamotors Model S disrupted auto industry: no gas tank, no key slot, 0-60 in 4.8 #eggsighting
Just 2 words to describe the Tesla Model S : mind blowing
Bummed you can't see Instagram photos in Twitter? Grab Twittelator http://j.mp/twtl8rnu which shows them! Plz RT
Homemade sushi is in demand around here. Wash the rice super well and add sugar to the rice vinegar for great results
This year I'm grateful for #nm home grown sweet potatoes and family, you?
At the 5th annual 'Honoring Women in Technology' with award winner Katie Stone for producing KUNM Children's Hour
The moment I saw psycheart's iPhone cases, I hit buy. This #abq artist has some really cool cases http://www.redbubble.com/people/psycheart?ref=work_artist_name_link
My insanity sauce does not care what color you are as long as you are hot, hot, HOT!
@journihilism BTW those pickles are barrel pickles - ie not pressure canned - so be sure to start eating on the road!
The last pickles of the season - I made 250 quarts in the last 60 days, and hooked my friends up with half of them #abq

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