How to impress your fans: incite cyber bullying? The scene mom in me is roaring. #fuckJonnyCraig4L
My #serialkiller card shop is on Instagram now. Follow "noncomposcards" for #freeshit & inappropriate greeting cards!
Yep, that's me: one audacious bitch.
I'd go to a NICKELBACK concert before I gave these assholes my time & money.
Fuck Yeah, Breakfast! #somnambulantart
@gwensmokey Henry made sure I had coupons with me for once haha.
@prairey hi Kate! I was able to make that print for you. It's  8x10 on canvas paper, $10. Let me know if that's cool!
@HamburgerMartyr here's my hot beverage! I'm at work :(
Eat Shit.
@HamburgerMartyr I'm making new blog cards & was wondering if you'd contribute a quote? Here's a picture of the back of one of the old ones
@ohidontthinkso this one reminds of a thinner Seri & I want to puke!
@fettymcfetzer just in case you didn't know, Whitney & Sada are back on TV tonight!
@mrsevils Mitzi, gray powder & lip color from the zombie kit, and I forget which rust-colored shadow we used!
Pittsburgh is pretty ducking cool sometimes. #duckwatch
Not stoked for the first day of second grade. Neither am I. MORE SUMMER PLZ.
.@JillianMichaels + Weight Watchers + cemetery runs are the reason I feel better at 33 than I have since I was 16.
@gwensmokey OMG I hate him!
I think Henry liked the book we made him, haha!
Sick of Tuukka Rask. Wishing H.R. Pufnstuf would bring him his magical flute & take him back to Living Island. #pens
In non-hockey news, I woke my cat up to tell her I made another picture of her. She's hatefully whipping her tail.
@ohidontthinkso memories lol
@Letting_It_Fly :( I hope you didn't think I forgot about you guys!!
Taking Chooch to a wedding with us so no one will notice how dumpy we look.

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