It’s Christmas
White Christmas Eve
Seeing a show in a proper theater
Calm before the storm at @gigdrivestarbucks
Free drinks are always a good thing.
The short-term #bgnow trend, meh, but still good long term.
Got my proof copy of Tim Hall’s upcoming Second Edition of Max Power: Check Point Firewall Performance Optimization! Updated for R80.10, of course, with a higher page count (and slightly higher price tag). Should be available in a few weeks.
A half-full flight. On a Friday, no less. I’ll take it!
Hopefully my last shiny metal tube until after Christmas.
Fueling up with four shots of espresso at the Starbucks in O’Hare before my flight.
Not a bad view from my hotel room
The #bgnow is a little high this morning but the overall trend is 💯👍🏻 #diabetes
That view from the hotel bar, though.
Flan it up, I’ll take it!
Post-dinner cappuccino
Rib eye. 🤤
Appetizers at Gene and Georgetti
Hello, Chicago!
Loading up before heading to Chicago on the train.
They told me I had the boardroom suite. They weren’t kidding. 😳
Just getting set up at Carroll University in Waukesha, WI for today’s Check Point CheckMates event.
Good morning from somewhat snowy Appleton, WI! Today, heading a bit south to Waukesha for a meeting and an event. Tomorrow, further south to Chicago…
Best seats in the house on a CRJ200.
It may not be obvious from this photo, but this is another non-scale victory. First time in more than a decade I’ve been able to use a tray table in a bulkhead row.

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