Someone thought my article on linking up a WordPress site with was worth putting on the IndieWeb wiki entry for πŸ‘πŸ»
Been a while since I posted one of these. #bgnow had generally been good in addition to my weight being relatively stable. #diabetes #t2d
Trying this Life Fasting Tracker app out. It has a social element to it. I'm phoneboy on it, but only if you're into that sort of thing. @lifeomicif
It's behind me, isn't it? 😱
I have discovered a new way to eat cheese. Melt it, scrape it off, eat it. Repeat until gone. 🀀
Heading to Vevey on the train this morning. Trying a new bier (for me) along the way.
Deep fried cheese, salad, and cream of asparagus soup. 🀀
Given the lack of sleep, I can use the Starbucks Cold Brew. But damn, it's expensive in Switzerland!
Air France doesn't believe in Comfort+ seating.
Considering I had to sprint to get here on time, I'm glad Air France isn't being punctual today.
Thankful for the Comfort+ seating to CDG en route to GVA.
#FlatMoti and I are heading to Geneva for this week's CheckMates event! Meanwhile, I'm getting things done in the Delta SkyClub.
Hairs were cut today.
My pulmonologist said, based on my recent changes and the sleep test results, I could try sleeping without CPAP. Let’s see how I do.
Got the First Class upgrade. Looking at the last 9 years of shiny metal tube travel before I take off for the current one.
The view from our office in NYC is πŸ”₯ on a day like this!
And just like that, I'm in New York.
On a boat, specifically Old Ironsides.
Got the upgrade to First Class πŸ‘πŸ»
Fine day for flying
Back in the Delta SkyClub at SeaTac, so must be heading somewhere.
Visited the new Starbucks in Gig Harbor. It's a little closer to home, is a drive-thru, AND serves Nitro Cold Brew. Hate to say it @gigdrivestarbucks but this might be my new store.
Mission accomplished. Now to get this back to the Sleep Center.
Less gear than a sleep study in a clinic and I'm in my own bed. Could definitely be worse. We'll see how it goes.

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