Having dinner at Lala Land so I can watch the sunset over the Mediterranean. πŸ‘πŸ»
When I was first diagnosed with #t2d #diabetes three and a half years ago, I had an A1C of 7.9%. This week? A 5.6%, which is a "normal" value! I'd like to get it lower (and off meds), but one step at a time. #DiabetesCanSuckIt
This is my "bed" to Tel Aviv. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
First time I've seen actual broth served at the Delta SkyClub.
First hop on Delta? JFK.
I find myself in the Delta SkyClub at SeaTac again. Where am I off to now?
One of those β€œThen and Now” photos Google Photos offered up. The β€œthen” was from four years ago. Looking a lot better now, I must say.
A good #bgnow? Just had my blood drawn, so we'll see how accurate this new meter is. #diabetes
Based on this, I should be non-diabetic. That said, I've seen slight variations on acceptable ranges. Still, the A1C will be the thing the doctor looks at. #diabetes #T2D
Considering how little I slept last night, I'm taking advantage of the fact someone in a window seat wanted to trade me. Whether I'll sleep or not is another matter. πŸ˜‘
Not one of Delta's better SkyClubs. Still better than sitting in the terminal, though.
Love me some Nitro Cold Brew.
Eating ramen for the second time today. Don't judge me.
Today's office: a Starbucks in Downtown Denver. And it's snowing. Good thing I have a warm jacket and I'm close to my hotel.
Brussel Sprout salad and Ramen. With eggs on top. πŸ‘πŸ»
Have to say, I could get used to these seats.
The Delta SkyClub is a little empty this time of day.
First time I've been able to purchase a clothing item other than socks from Costco. I've lost 14 inches off my waist and I'm not done yet. #NonScaleVictory
There's a dumb-ass bird that keeps trying to fly into our window. He's been trying for days, apparently. πŸ™„
While I was away, my patio furniture got upgraded. πŸ‘πŸ»
Not quite as much legroom on this flight, but it's all good. Heading home for the weekend.
That moment when you realize you've been upgraded.
On the right side of the First Class seating this time. πŸ‘πŸ»
A brief respite from the shiny metal tubes

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