There’s a waterfall outside the bathroom 👍🏻
Doing a @checkpointsoftware partner update meeting in Copenhagen. Will be presenting later on.
When in Denmark…
Apparently Orango roasts their own coffee. Smells wonderful.
Moar espresso!
A very satisfying #bgnow after dinner
Post-dinner cappuccino 👍🏻
Don’t forget the meat and veg
Breaking my fast with pork rinds 🤤
It’s not Starbucks, which is not a bad thing.
After jumping ahead 8 hours, I definitely need the 4 shots of espresso today.
This is quite an atrium
KLM flight to Copenhagen
When you’re fasting, this counts as breakfast.
Legroom, glorious legroom! Definitely appreciated on the long flight to Amsterdam.
On one of the big Delta birds today 👍🏻
On the top, my 90 day average #bgnow, on the bottom my other averages. Clearly trending the right direction. #diabetes #T2D
Post-haircut selfie
Been a couple weeks since I’ve been into @gigdrivestarbucks. Used one of my two free drinks on this caffeine infusion 😋
Thankful for a Comfort+ seat and a direct flight to Seattle
Blue skies and lots of Delta planes. I expect nothing less at ATL.
Trying a different Starbucks Reserve coffee. Liking this Costa Rican one better. 👍🏻
Since I started drinking my coffee black, it’s like a whole new world of flavors has opened up.
Did a Check Point CheckMates event in Atlanta today. Good discussions about upgrading to R80.10!

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