Stylin in my new Bearmani dress shirt & slacks!
A night about town! wearing Bearmani!!
showin off my Bearmani trenchcoat and pin-striped shirt
check out my pawesome new Bearmani Sherlock coat!!
welcom 2 our #teddyembassy cigar room! @snuffynorton @toddyfur
new bearmani black shirt and red vest! thanks @snuffynorton
mix.. mix.. bake and NOM!!
we're making CARROT CAKE!! wif walnuts!
slicing freshly baked homemade bread! anyone want?
makin some fresh baked bread wif our breadmaker
It was RUFUS!!! (whatever it was, i didn't do it!!)
Rufus: dey're takin my snacks!! Zackary: huh? where'd dey come from?
Rufus: uh..Zackary? i think someone is stealing da chocolates!!
looks like Rufus got some freshly baked blueberry banana bread too
Doc enjoyin some freshly baked Banana Bread. Rufus: can i haz some?
baked some honey cake, anyone want?
my brother packing his lunch
sushi anyone? tee hee
I caught a shark!!
waiting for cookies to cool sucks!
bakin anzac cookies..mayb plushateer will help flatten da rest for me. My paws r sticky!
Immune Elixir is bit tedious to make.. bt ohhh so yummy!
i feel like a nice hot Immune Elixir!!
thank you efurryone who sented xmas cards!! We LUB them ALL!!

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