Spend this time getting together the baggies & labels. We are baking for @cookie_brigade after all! #BakeWithPunzie
When the timer goes off, swap the position of the cookie sheets in the oven for even heating #BakeWithPunzie
Prep 2 more sheets of cookies #BakeWithPunzie
When you have 2 sheets done, put them in the oven and set timer for 10minutes #BakeWithPunzie
Flatten your dough blobs and press 2 positive message heart in each #BakeWithPunzie
Drop 12 dough wads on a baking sheet. Eye ball the size so we don't have to wash a cookie scoop #BakeWithPunzie
Junk those other ones (and maybe shake your head in disgust at some) 😒 #BakeWithPunzie
Break open discount valentines candy and pick out the positive, friendly, and legible messages #BakeWithPunzie
With sugar cookie dough mixed, set it aside, set oven to 350F, prep cookie sheets w/parchment paper  #BakeWithPunzie
Give in and use yours hands. We washed them after cracking the eggs anyway #BakeWithPunzie
Pause to giggle at the cat playing with trash. #BakeWithPunzie
Add the last 2 cups of flour (that's 7 cups total). Start mixing. #BakeWithPunzie
Add 2 more cups of flour. Then DONT FORGET THE BAKING SODA! (It happens.) 2 tsps. Mix thoroughly #BakeWithPunzie
We're going to be adding a lot of flour. Start with 3 cups and mix it all together #BakeWithPunzie
Add 2 cups of white sugar and 1.5 cups of light brown sugar. Stir until fully combined #BakeWithPunzie
Stir the melted butter to get any bits that are still solid. It took 2m45s in my microwave #BakeWithPunzie
Crack 4 eggs into a bowl and break up the yolks. Add 2tbsps of vanilla #BakeWithPunzie
Next, realize you forgot to locate your normal measuring spoons and use R2's arms instead #BakeWithPunzie
We are too impatient to wait for/work with softened butter so melt 4 sticks in the microwave #BakeWithPunzie
Ok. I think I have all my required Stuff. Got some Gorillaz for baking music. Let's get started #BakeWithPunzie
This is Zuko's new favorite spot, outside of my bed. (He's not eating the plant, he just likes to sniff it.)
The streets are kind of a mystery this morning. Better know where you're going
Tho since I've found him hanging out in the shower a couple times, I guess I shouldn't be surprised he brought toys
The shower is not a place I expected to find cat toys...

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