Mmmm gay cupcakes
Great news! Your dead cat is better protected now. Because you can't lose him is he's already dead!
Ran out of candy hearts before I ran out of dough. Add choc chips for the rest! #BakeWithPunzie
I have this memorized, but thanks for having my back, cereal box #BakeWithPunzie
Stupid coin machine threw a dime in the penny spot and now it's stuck
Punzie's weather report: its fucking Narnia out here
Lap kitty is here to reward me for getting home 💜
See also: "Owwwww. Fuck you, weather!" (I couldn't open my eyes any more because of ice bits blowing around.)
I thought they were suppose to have fixed the Pokémon spawning on top of Pokémon #PokemonGO
My dad sees the book on my nightstand: O.o I don't think Jane Austen wrote that...
Ahahahaha Mario mode. I wonder if a banana peel will randomly show up?
Cat observations continue
Oh snap. Kitty staring contest
Now there are 2 of them
I've been spotted by a local and am being studied from afar
One content cat (and a content Punzie' arm) 😌
Zuko doesn't like when I bake cuz he can't hang out with me. He's excited I'm done now
3 hours, 3.5 play throughs of Plastic Beach, & 112 cookies later, we're done tonight #BakeWithPunzie #cookiebrigade
With last cookies in oven we can go thru the other candy hearts & pick out good ones for next time #BakeWithPunzie
Put those 2 sheets of cookies in the oven. Label the bagged cookies #BakeWithPunzie
The outside of the dough dried a bit so mix it again. Prep 2 more sheets of cookies #BakeWithPunzie
Get impatient with 1minute left on the timer and taste test one #BakeWithPunzie
Look at the cooling cookies and ponder how they spread more than we expected #BakeWithPunzie
Spend this time getting together the baggies & labels. We are baking for @cookie_brigade after all! #BakeWithPunzie

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