@nscottg remember when you sent me waffle mix? My roommate made them today and it’s good :)
Me: I’m stress-tired and my tummy hurts
Zuko: ok I’ll come sit on you again
I wandered down the street and had an AMAZING burrito at this place near the mfa
Here is the light they used to peer up inside me
I’ve had this dresser my whole life. My whole life I’ve felt like there’s a frog in there staring at me
The funzies have begun #cookiebrigade #BakeWithPunzie #punziesfunzies
Seems like I’ve been assessed as not a threat, but not very interesting
Me: I have to build some shelves today
Zuko: yay I get to play with the trash!
There was a catnip pillow in this spot earlier. The residual scent is enough for Zuko
Me: I don’t feel good
Zuko: let me help!
I ran out of labels the other night so I couldn’t finish. These cookies get a rainbow of dots @cookie_brigade
Our chairs have cat feets ^_^
Zuko has found the spot to be comfy, eye the food, and have everyone stare at him while we eat
Hello, yes I did get my roommate to make corned beef for me 😁
Lazy Sunday. We comfy, he purr
Well that is a very not-pretty cookie. I guess I just have to eat it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Today in Jokes Only A Very Small Subset Of People Will Get: Zuko is a very kosher kitty
Peanut butter banana cookies! (Vegan and gluten free friendly) #BakeWithPunzie
Smaller banana #BakeWithPunzie [insert “banana for scale” joke here]
Plop balls of peanut butter goop on 2 cookie sheets and bake for about 10mins #BakeWithPunzie
Now for the hard part: add peanut butter and mix thoroughly. Pb can be a stubborn bitch to work with #BakeWithPunzie
Step 2: add some sugar to those nanners. Look I’m using my mixer! #BakeWithPunzie
Step 1: beat the shit out of some bananas. Make them sort of applesauce consistency #BakeWithPunzie
Time for another @cookie_brigade baking day. It’s gluten-free day in Punzie house

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