@JennRox look!
His name is Duke and he's afraid of stairs.
Because I can't hear the song without thinking of  @daveexmachina. And it's FRIDAY!!!
He said Christmas lights make him feel calm.
I went into robot mode organizing my office today and finally put together my 2014 planner. Better late than never.
This is why I can't sleep. I need to find a man first. Well news flash, google, I got a man. Hes snoring next to me.
"female limber." No wonder google doesn't know women orgasm and ejaculate. It thinks we need to FIRST have a libido.
Those "8" searches from the previous pic were just in case I did mean "female elf names." Because.....
By the way: this is a more accurate search for what I was researching. At 1:35am. On a work night. But REALLY GOOGLE?
I guess this is the more accurate version of tonight's internet rabbit hole.
Wait what? Google had a variety of suggestions, but the placement of S threw it off? So female hysteria still exists?
Finally one of these is not available because of..... Me!
Hands down the most accurate description I've ever read.
Spent an hour of my wild Friday night cleaning out our fridge. Now I'll sweep the floor and do a little dance.
This meticulously wrapped form has puzzled me the entire time Ive worked here. Is this a riddle I cant solve?
I appreciate mint.com and their sarcastic enthusiasm.
He cooks for me and reads to me. He's a pretty rad dude.
A very drunk Robert describing the taqueria we were eating in at 1 in the morning after 8 hours of non stop drinking.
Drool - soon to be snoring - while drooling even more = me. Sorry, men. I'm taken. By a hillbilly. His name is Robert.
Then the neighbors dog came to visit since his people are out of town. He needed attention even if he was being mocked.
@jesserker meanwhile in Robert land....
30 seconds of sounds at the park  cooling down after my so called attempt at working out.
Robert is coming over I help me clean up. He has no idea the mess I've made since he was last here Tuesday.
That's what I'm taking about - looking good while fixing shit in the kitchen.

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