Other side of bedroom you are cute too.
Oh bedroom, you are so cute.
My giggling at LoL woke him up and now he wants to play too. Oh you silly hillbilly, I love you so.
30 seconds of me trapped under thb. We just had se OWWWW he just scraped his scruffy chin across my back. That's karma.
Okay. It's time to go grocery shopping. No more fooling around. Also I'm out of ravioli, finally.
That's what I'm talking about. Looking good while fixing shit in the kitchen.
@j3nniferaudrey so does mine. ALL. THE. TIME. This is the only side of him I ever see.
And honestly is this not the cutest thing EVER?!??
Luckily no one got any pictures of me, but that air mattress was a death trap!! No one escaped an accidental roll off.
30 seconds of sounds of me in an F150 driving down a dark road on an usually nice summer night with my hillbilly.
@daveexmachina he's a cowboy! Giddy up!
30 seconds of this storm we're having whom I'm considering marrying.
Here's a picture of me - with one and a half eyebrows. Remind me never to take my beauty into my own hands.
@TheBloggess this is how I spent my day. While my boyfriend ignored me.
Haven't you?
I don't think I've ever dated a guy who wasn't a computer nerd on some level. Though a hillbilly computer nerd is new.
This is my Friday night: fng and his roommate and vodka cherry limeade.
This is my Friday night: fng and his roommate and vodka cherry limeade.
I just bought the most bad ass shirt ever.
30 seconds of sounds at fng's "favorite place in Texas." This. That's all. You know?
fng rolled over with his back to me and this has me giggling and giggling.
A hillbilly who watched kung-fu videos on YouTube. Fuuuuuuuck, y'all, I'm smitten.
I have a confession, twitter. I'm in love with a hillbilly who uses this on this beer. And related: I'm drunk.
fng. He's beautiful, right?!?  @TheGoodOlBoy will say yes.

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