My winning jump over 2,20m!
TEN!! Won my 10th Dutch title today with 2,20m. Very happy with the 2,20m jump and of course with the win! And thanks for all the support around the track! I feel truly blessed!
TIME FOR NATIONALS!! Watch my Instagram Stories for a live report by @the.jack.dalton and @lz_gapes. Jumping @ 15:20h.
Last time I jumped the outdoor nationals I broke the bar, while leaving it on, and one of my shoes, during the take off. Although it was very memorable, I’d rather not break anything this year. Or at least not anything like that ;). Saturday morning time for qualification, Sunday 15:15u time for the final!
It wasn’t easy to get back into jumping after a 40 min break because of the rain in the middle of the comp. I gave my all in this third attempt at 2,21m, and after that I was pretty much done. Good to know I can pull myself together like this and I like how my run up is looking at the moment. Now on to nationals next weekend!
It wasn’t easy to get back into jumping after a 40 min break because of the rain in the middle of the comp. I gave my all in this third attempt at 2,21m, and after that I was pretty much done. Good to know I can pull myself together like this and I like how my run up is looking at the moment. Now on to nationals next weekend!
Next competition: the new Bayer Classics. Looking forward to compete against @mateuszprzybylko, @chrisbakerhj and @tobiaspotye among others. Gonna be fun! Drop by if you can!
Shared 2nd place with 2,20m in Zoetermeer tonight. But man is there a big jump waiting. I need a little more time, but I'm okay with that. One day not so far away from now I'm going to say "I told you so!"
I'm in town for my favorite competition of the year! Tomorrow at 19h I'm jumping at the track where I used to train for 6 years and really became a high jumper. So many good memories. Most of the people I made those memories with will be there tomorrow. Can't wait to see them and the friends and family that will be there in the stands. I could jump for joy ;-).
This was my highlight of the competition yesterday. Getting driven up on the field in a yellow mini. Says enough about how I was jumping I think... We worked on some technical stuff in training, which is what training is for, of course. I then completely focused on the wrong things yesterday. I forgot to take off (not smart in high jump), which ruined my run up as well and made me feel like I had no idea what I was doing. That resulted in strange jumps and a result of only 2,15m. But not to worry, I'll do better next week in Zoetermeer! :-)
Some easy jumps from earlier this week to try to get the feeling right. Which one do you think is the best?
2,21m! Good jump!
2nd place, 2,21m.
The moment you think you've figured it out is the moment you'll make a mistake and realize you'll never figure it out completely. As my coach said today: "You're human Douwe, stuff like this happens". After my very good first competition last week, for a short moment today, I forgot that every competition needs to be built up anew. You don't start where you quit last time. You start from the beginning and need to take every step anew to end up jumping the higher heights. I wanted too much too fast and ended up making some old mistakes which I though I had said goodbye to. Now I know, they'll always be there right around the corner, waiting for the moment I lose focus. A very good lesson and on to the next one. You win some, you learn some.
2 European Championship Standards and 3 PB's. Not a bad score in Garbsen yesterday for the jumpers of Team Thomaskamp. Very cool to be on a journey with these people, to seek and challenge our limits!
Derde poging 2,30m. Zóveel scheelde het niet!
Very good season opener with 2,26m! Nothing but happy with this. Good jumps with room to spare and especially some technical things to improve still. 2018, you're going to be fun!
Back home from the second training camp of the year, in Monte Gordo. Only two weeks until the season starts, but my jumps are starting to come together, so I'm ready for it.
This picture sums up my last week quite nicely. After South Africa, where we trained a lot (like, really a lot), I felt like crap last week. Heavy legs, moody, and just very tired. Every session I did was a struggle. And then the phrase "trust the process" applies. Just finish every workout as good as possible, and trust that you'll feel better soon. And of course after a day off on Sunday, on Monday I felt better than I had since the indoor season. It's safe to say that the two weeks in South Africa paid off.
📸: @jofloors
We’re back! Did one last session in Stellenbosch, then flew back home. Just landed tired, but satisfied. It was a very successful two weeks, with a lot of good training. Thank you team!
Curves, curves, curves. For a high jumper, running a good curve is very import, but not always easy. Running a curve uphill on an uneven surface is never easy. I almost ended up somewhere in the bushes twice during this training. High jump training is dangerous! ;-) Sound on and you’ll understand (and will hear @noelsi87 laughing at me).
My brain is so predictable. After the first hill run today, coach said: “you were one second slower than the others.” But we both missed that I started further away and therefore ran longer (and was running fast enough). But my brain went: “what!? Too slow!? Let’s go full speed in the next run!” (Competitive much?) That this wasn’t very smart I realized in the runs that followed. It resulted in  one of the hardest sessions I ever did. But I survived and that means another good session in the books. Three more days left in South Africa!
A very cool video from the beach training this morning. When you look at my feet in this slo mo you can see exactly why we do runs like these. The small corrections I need to make due to the slipping in the sand, makes my feet work harder and trying to execute the running like on the track enforces and hopefully stabilizes the movement patterns we want to develop. Very effective training this time of the year!
Let’s go to the beach, each. Doing a lot of training on different surfaces to stabilize our technical execution in different situations. Or maybe we just wanted to see the ocean 🤷🏻‍♂️.
I almost never do this exercise in training, and never with a lot of weight, since I started training in Leverkusen. Of course I still remember what weights I used to be able to throw around. Going up in weights for the first time in a long time and immediately PB’ing with 5kg to 110kg felt really good :-). Things are going well here!

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