On your marks... After a comfortable flight and a small shake-out training we’re ready for the two weeks of training in South Africa to really begin tomorrow!
Getting better step by step with the sounds of hard work in the background. @menga87man
In addition to my weekly newsletter and blog (link in bio) I made this video (in Dutch) to explain why my ankle sometimes hurts after jumping. I don't think you necessarily need the audio explanation to get the point... 😅
Had a good day of training today. I had some small problems with my foot starting up again after the indoor season, but this week it's feeling much better.

After two surgeries my foot will be somewhat of a trouble maker during the rest of my career, of that I'm sure. Learning to read the signs my ankle is giving me and reacting accordingly is something I'm still learning, but getting better at.

The tests we did in training today (and do at least once a month) showed that not being able to do everything you would want to do in training, doesn't necessarily mean you won't imrpove. A good reason for a small fist pump.
You know that guy that won a bronze medal at the indoor World Championships yesterday? We used to play in the sandpit together.

Couldn't be happier for both @polomaniac16 and our coach. What a joy to watch both of you bring the fire to the big stage! What a team to be a part of!
A very small throwback to my championship winning jump over 2,21m from this weekend.

I was producing a lot of height easily, which was enough for 2,21m, but my lack of technique for crossing the bar kept me from leaving it on the standards at 2,25m.

What happens after taking off will be one of the focus points for the upcoming months. Let's see if we can teach this old dog some new tricks ;-). Video by @runoutofhell if I'm not mistaken.
One of the goals I had this weekend was to enjoy myself. It had been 3 years since my last Dutch title and an even longer time since my last real good performance at this stage.

Seeing the struggle I had in the previous years and how tough it was to be performing at a level that was beneath the standards I have for myself for such a long time, I wanted to make the most of the shape I am in now and enjoy every minute of it. 
When I scroll through the pictures from Saturday it is very clear this goal was achieved. I love seeing the pure joy on my face and already can't wait for the outdoor season to begin!
We're going to Berlin! @femkepluim Already looking forward to the outdoor season, but first some serious training again.
Dutch Champion with 2,21m! The end of a very good indoor season, with the feeling that so much more is on it's way. With the standard for @berlin.2018 already achieved, the preparation starts now!
Last jumping session before nationals is in the books. My foot was working properly, so there is not much left to do. Waiting, relaxing, preparing and then jumping. Saturday at 11h. The early bird catches the worm, right?
A small change of plans. Due to some minor foot problems after my competition last weekend, I won't be jumping in Gent tonight. Nationals is only one week away and I want my foot to be 100% there.

So the only competition for me this week was as a spectator in Düsseldorf on Tuesday together with @pablooehl. I must say, we saw some high level athletics! 📸: @erki67
2,25m in Dortmund today! Very happy with the confirmation that I can jump these heights, without it being a day where everything fits together. I feel this is a solid basis to build on, but there's definitely some building left to do. So on we go!
Haha, dat was te verwachten. Ik wist dat het, na de wedstrijd van zaterdag, lastig zou worden om scherp aan de start te staan vandaag. Dat dit toch lukte, het inspringen super goed was en ik de aanvangshoogte van 2,16m in één keer haalde zorgde ervoor dat ik toen ook al een beetje tevreden was. Dat was natuurlijk niet handig en toen was "alle Luft raus" en haalde ik de 2,20m niet. Nu even pauze en een weekje trainen, dan gaan we weer verder!
My next competition is tomorrow evening @highjumpcologne! Let's see how much I can reproduce from those jumps of last Saturday.
Yep, still wearing this smile 👌
I'M BACK BABY! Eindelijk! De aanhouder wint. 2,26m! EK limiet! Potverdorie dat was een lange weg. Ik wist dat ik dit weer zou kunnen, maar het had zomaar anders af kunnen lopen. Yes!! 💪
Getting ready for my next competition! Today around 16h I'll be jumping at my home track again, this time together with @matzepl1992. That'll be fun!
There it is! My jump over 2,20m. Much better than what I did last week and I'm even quite satisfied with the execution of some of the technical details we've been working on. As always, there's room for improvement, but I very much like the basis we're working from. Onto the next one, next Saturday in Leverkusen again, this time together with @matzepl1992!
Yes! 2,20m in my second competition! This was a much better competition than last week, resulting in clearing every height in my first attempt, until the inevitable three X's turned up on the scoring board. Being more relaxed resulted in more controlled, technically sound jumps. Let's go higher every week! ;-)
Some jumps, like this one, where quite okay last Sunday. I'll try to make a few more like this one next Saturday during the competition at my home track in Leverkusen!
Turning Super Saiyan sadly didn't help me for this jump.
That was a classic first competition of the year. Lots of mistakes, lots of confusion, some height, and a good one to build on. 2nd place with 2,16m. On to the next one!
It's game time! Tomorrow I'm jumping my first indoor competition in Clarholz. For the first time since 2015 I'm able to compete indoors and I couldn't be happier about it! The three months since becoming a fulltime athlete again have been good. I'm curious to see in the next weeks to what point it got me!

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