“When one teaches, two learn”.
Team Thomaskamp! (a big part of) The team I’ll be training with the next few months! Sprinters, high jumpers and long jumpers. To throw in a cliché: teamwork makes the dream work! 💪🏻
Smile you’re way into the weekend! First two weeks of training done and everything’s going well!
Off season is over, time to start the hard work again! I’m very excited to start the preparation for 2019 with all the experience I gained in 2018. I feel like this year was just the beginning, now it’s time to start working on the sequel, because of one thing I’m sure, there is more to come!
2,24m and 5th at the @istaf_berlin. Good ending of a good season. Berlin stole my heart, that’s for sure. 8th place at the European Champs and a SB of 2,26m in my first healthy full time season since 2015. It’s a good start, but only the beginning. Time to take some time off, recover, and then go at it again. The grind continues, in four weeks. 🙃
Back in Berlin for the last competition of the season. Let’s go out with a bang! Tomorrow at 15:10h @istaf_berlin! 📸: @tsvbayer04_official
Don’t tell anyone I competed in Eberstadt today. I snuck in, jumped 2,20m, saw @gianmarcotamberi get his mojo back and saw @bstarc fly. Had the time of my live. 📸: Heino Stroet
Just breathe. Jumping the final of the European Championships tonight at 20:00h. Watch it online, on tv or in the stadium! One might say everything is possible in the final. I’ll just say I’m going to give it my all. See you on the other side! 📷: @tsvbayer04_official
Still quite happy with myself 😄
I just got confirmed for Rovereto (ITA) this Thursday! Looking very much forward to jumping again. The legs have recovered from Berlin and I’m ready to fly!
What. A. Moment. 
Best coach in the world, future best coach in the world, best high jumper in Europe and one lucky guy to be a part of this all.
Berlin you were amazing! What a crowd, what a stadium and what an experience. Going home with this result means a lot, seeing where I came from. At the same time I know it’s just the beginning. 📷: @tsvbayer04_official
8th place at the European Championships. It’s just the beginning. What a team I have (proved by @mateuszprzybylko). Thank you for all the support, it really means a lot.
Friends and teammates, and now together in the final of the European Championships. Happy to share this moment with you @mateuszprzybylko. We’re going to have fun Saturday!
📷: @tsvbayer04_official
Wondering very much who made me look this way yesterday...
This picture was made five years ago in Moscow. Those World Championships in 2013 were my first and only international senior championships. It feels so good to finally be in preparation for another big championship again. The last week of preparation at home has started. On Saturday we travel to Berlin. Shit is getting serious. I like it!
Een sprong aan het begin van de training, waarbij het vooral op de aanloop en afzet focussen ertoe leidt dat de sprong na de aanloop en de afzet ook niet meer goed is.
I had a very good week. My technique is coming along really well. Lots of things we’ve been working on I do better than ever in this jump. Two weeks from now I’m already in Berlin. Time flies, but I’m excited! (And ready 😈)
My winning jump over 2,20m!
TEN!! Won my 10th Dutch title today with 2,20m. Very happy with the 2,20m jump and of course with the win! And thanks for all the support around the track! I feel truly blessed!
TIME FOR NATIONALS!! Watch my Instagram Stories for a live report by @the.jack.dalton and @lz_gapes. Jumping @ 15:20h.

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