People would protest if this were caged dogs. WTF IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD!
Birthday with my superpowergirlfriends @azelinskie @michdulce @svansaarloos and #VivianSong ❤️❤️❤️
So, last week when I arrived in NY to attend the #earthwedding of my dear friend @azelinskie whom I met 7 years ago when I did a residency in NY I knew that @svansaarloos from #Amsterdam just had moved to #NY so I already planned to catch up with her. And then, when I posted a facebook update on being here, my friend #VivianSong from #Shanghai whom I met in #China, also 7 years ago, texted me that she had also moved to NY. One day later I saw a photo on the instagram account of @michdulce , whom I met 6 years ago in the #Philippines, in which she mentioned to be in the exact neighborhood in Brooklyn as I am. 
So I texted all these #girls - whom are, by the way, the most #amazing #superpowergirlfriends I have collected during my #travels in the past years - to get them all together. Which happened last night!! No need to say that we had a blast and kept on talking and I'm warning you all here: you are gonna hear from us. Because so much connected #superpower can be a #worldchanger!! - oh and my dear Ashley bought me a #birthday #cake and everybody sang to me!! 😀✨🎉❤️❤️❤️
@azelinskie threw me a birthdayparty in New York!!! 🎉 Oh, and we celebrated her spacewedding with @pxdelaney 😍 🎉🎉🎉💕💕💕💕💕💕
Today. Brought a visit to Jan Hak. Apparently it's not just 'de groente van hak' - but a whole ecosystem van Hak. I got fresh honey (de honing van Hak), went to a biological baker and cuddled these pigs. 😍😍😍
Good vibes with @ericvantijn @adam_toren ❤️❤️❤️
😀✨✨✨ #minirecensie #hetgevaarvanangst #hypochondereninfukushima #yayy
Today @atlascontact - discussing my next move 😎
Afgelopen weekend in @nrcnl - Komende woensdag @bartsboekenclub met mijn boek #hetgevaarvanangst #hypochondereninfukushima wat binnenkort (JOEPIEE!) will be translated to English #dangersoffear #hypochondriainfukushima 🙏🏽☢️🙏🏽☢️🙏🏽☢️🙏🏽
Photobooth portraits from 1996 - now on show at @torchgallery
About yesterday. @torchgallery 🙋🏻
On show, right now at this very moment, at @torchgallery
‪Joehh. Mijn boek wordt vertaald! (engels) / My book will be translated to English soon!! 😀✨ #hetgevaarvanangst #hypochondereninfukushima /#dangersoffear #hypochondriainfukushima @AtlasContact ‬😎😎😎☢️☢️☢️
Had the honour to be part of a delegation of (mostly) agriculture professionals in Egypt. Well, the summary: this. place is in need of those who are tremendously ambitious.
byyeeeee! just boarded my plane to... Egypt! YESSS. time for new adventures/projects to save the world!
Wat een fijn stuk over mijn tentoonstelling bij @torchgallery in @hetparool van vandaag!! 😀😀😀 (dank @jpekker !!)
Some people are like family. ❤️❤️❤️ @ditte_de_muynck - at the exhibition of @leydepey ✨✨✨
Vandaag 14:30 in het Ketelhuis: mijn vrijheidscollege over waarom de vrijwaring van angst een voorwaarde is om vrijheid te kunnen ervaren.
Alsjeblieft jongens, mijn aller-állerlaatste column voor @oneworldnl magazine
Vanmorgen was ik te gast bij #kamerakultura in Het @nutshuis en dat was echt een fantastisch programma met een geweldige samenstelling van gasten. @jellie_brouwer  presenteerde en naast mij waren #JannahLoontjens , #ElkeVierveijzer en #RachelVisscher te gast. Én toen was er ook nog een heerlijk lunchbuffet van @JuniLekkernijen ✨😀 #girlsrule!
Open today!! My solo exhibition @torchgallery Amsterdam. THE WORST IS YET TO COME clock doesn't say 3:46 pm - free entrance. open from 11 - 5
Heb je m al? #hetgevaarvanangst #hypochondereninfukushima
Lecturing at #ANVS was such a pleasure! #hetgevaarvanangst #hypochondereninfukushima - #dangersoffear #hypochondriainfukushima
In de trein op weg naar de #ANVS om daar te praten over mijn boek #hetgevaarvanangst #hypochondereninfukushima over mijn bevindingen over #Fukushima na de kernramp. ☢️☢️☢️

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