schrijfdagen. #hetgevaarvanangst #hypochondereninfukushima #dangersoffear #hypochondriainFukushima
Yesterday. #murakamiweekend
As a new years gift I've send seeds from Fukushima to my friends.. #toplantagardenistobelieveintomorrow
Meanwhile @het_natuurhistorisch - My dearest cat Pinkeltje.
#throwbackmonday - Last year at @marieclairemag #smartandamazing
Deze kwam net voorbij. Ik was dus helemaal vergeten dat ie bestond, deze foto. #wienooitbangiskannooitdapperzijn #jesuischarlie #eberhartvanderlaan #markrutte #bertkoenders #TINKEBELL.
Wat zou ze momenteel doen? #pedagoog #koreinkinderplein #Eindhoven #dtv
‪Vandaag drie jaar geleden werd #FedaAmiri met geweld naar Afghanistan gedeporteerd. Hij werd verdacht van oorlogsmisdaden, maar kreeg nooit een proces. Volgens mij is hij onschuldig. Ik reisde naar Kabul en dit is wat daar gebeurde. ‬#justiceforfeda
Today in #PZC  @pzcredactie CC @keesmoeliker @het_natuurhistorisch
Today. #kamerplanttour with the one and only professional kamerplanttourguide @arnowellens - We had a blast!
Happy new year my friends. Let's save the world in 2018!
For those who love this new series of work #souvenirsfromFukushima : you might consider becoming a friend of the TINKEBELL. foundation ( When you support the foundation with at least €250,- per year, you'll get a unique art piece as a thank you gift. Every year has a different piece and they are not for sale. This means that becoming a friend in 2017 (or actually, before January 7 2018, to give you a bit of extra time) you'll get the 2017 artpiece. What the piece will be is a surprise but I can tell you that it will be something from the souvenirs from Fukushima series. So. final chance! --> more info at the website or contact me!
Meanwhile @thisartfair @torchgallery ..
Tomorrow: final day @thisartfair / @torchgallery  Showing new souvenirs from Fukushima: *Something pretty that can do no harm* (1 en 2)

Collage made out of flowers picked on July 30 in the year 2017 in Okuma. (approx. 8 km from the Daiichi powerplant in Fukushima, Japan)  This is a lokation situated in the Red Zone or 'no return zone' of Fukushima prefecture, Japan. Which means that the radiation level is high. (over 20 milisievert per year)
Only former residents are allowed to enter this area for a few hours per day max. Being there without proper protection is not safe.  The flower collages are stored in a box of concrete. No radioactive parts will get through.
That makes it completely safe.
Today at @thisartfair / @torchgallery with my dear friend Maaike who stopped by to see my new work!
❤️❤️❤️ @mathys
Today I've been too busy with all the social stuff. But had a blast at the opening at @thisartfair @torchgallery - The #thisartfair2017 continues till Saturday, so yess, you can still come and see my new work! #souvenirs from #Fukushima.
Opening @thisartfair is next wednesday, the day after Christmas. So we had to build up our booth @torchgallery today. - All done and super happy! Hope to see you all next week at the artfair, at the exhibition #asmartgirlispreparedforherfuture with @broekmanbarbara at @vriendvanbavink and at  the #kamerplanttour December 29 of January 2 with @arnowellens - For now: enjoy Christmas!! 🎄✨💖
One more. Because you are so pretty, #Amsterdam.
Oh you pretty #Amsterdam.
Something pretty that can do no harm. On show @torchgallery next week at @thisartfair
Almost done. - New work for @thisartfair showing at @torchgallery - Flowers from the red zone of Fukushima. - in concrete. (for your safety)
Message from the framer: it's done! 😍😍😍 (love the result) - on show next week @thisartfair booth @torchgallery

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