Steak and salad, Israeli style.
Managed to get another sunset in while in Tel Aviv. 👍🏻
Ramen and Seaweed Salad. 😁😋
An overview of where my travels took me in 2017
Benedict (the restaurant) is always a good call in Tel Aviv
Apparently Jerry Seinfeld is a regular visitor to Tel Aviv.
Jerry Seinfeld’s warmup act Mark Schiff opens with a “moving the embassy” joke. 🙄
And a dusk picture for good measure
And…sunset achieved
I can get espresso anywhere. This view, not so much.
Like I said, the beach is better for watching the sunset.
The view from my hotel isn’t bad, but it’s better to be on the beach to watch the sunset.
Breakfast is a bit of rarity for me these days, but I have to have it at least once while I’m Israel.
Made Diamond Medallion in the nick of time! Should make flying just a little nicer.
Good morning from Tel Aviv! Not exactly a sunny morning, but it is the winter after all. Still warmer than Seattle right now.
The bookshelf in the lobby of the Hotel Indigo has a few interesting items on it.
Finally in the shiny metal tube to Tel Aviv
You know it may be a while when they send you back to the SkyClub. Which is apparently being refreshed at the moment.
Hello again SkyClub
Taking off VERY well fasted. Planning to continue to fast until I get to Tel Aviv tomorrow for Shabbat.
First leg to JFK en route to Tel Aviv
A wee bit cold and rainy at SeaTac today, but I’m heading someplace warmer. Chilling in the @Delta SkyClub meanwhile.
Last one for the year at @gigdrivestarbucks
First time this has been on in a while. Might even sit at it a bit today, but we will have company today. We’ll see.

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