The algo thinks I'm Thomas Hardy. Whoever that is.
My #bgnow stats are pretty decent. Wish it was reflected in my actual A1C number, though. Maybe I should buy an A1C tester.
Lowest #bgnow reading I've had that wasn't a false reading. 👌☺️ #diabetes
Time for some Blonde Espresso
This travel mug does a great job keeping my coffee warm. It also represents my favorite sportsball team, too.
If you still have one of these, go back to the 1990s.
Back in my usual @gigdrivestarbucks spot
It's gotta be water weight I'm losing, but that's a lot of water. 😳
Love when the cup of ice water comes with my espresso without even asking. Make sure Spencer gets a raise @gigdrivestarbucks
Now I can get my quad espresso from @gigdrivestarbucks in blonde. 👍🏻
I'm cold and trapped on a shiny metal tube. On the plus side, I'm on the way home.
One of the smaller seat belts on a flight…and it fits. Barely. Still, a non-scale victory.
Missed Comfort+ by one row. Still, this is not bad for the long flight back to Seattle.
The one lone Delta plane in a sea of Air France and other SkyTeam partners. This one must be mine.
If I were going to eat, the food in the AirFrance lounge looks pretty good. Since I’m not, this is breakfast.
One benefit to airline status: access to an airline lounge with showers. 👍🏻
Rather than a long Delta flight to JFK, I'm on a shorter Air France flight to CDG. I'll get to SEA eventually.
The Dan Lounge in Tel Aviv is even more sub-par than usual. Very crowded.
A proper Turkish coffee made by my good friend Talma
Shabbat shalom! Going for the meat tonight.
Definitely picked the wrong week to stay an extra day in Tel Aviv. Weather is not good.
Oops, I did it a again…have breakfast, that is. The Shakshouka is still sizzling. 🔥
After 13 hours in the office today. I'm relaxing with Sam Pellegrino and a splash of citrus. I could have something harder but meh.

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