Barcelona was not conducive to fasting. The trip home is an excellent opportunity to get back on track.
Hello again shiny metal tubes. First hop? BCN > JFK.
Four shots of espresso and water before jumping on the shiny metal tubes that will take me home.
Gaudi Architecture
Viva Barcelona!
Realize ties and t-shirts aren't a thing, but with my CheckMates shirt at #CPX360 it will work.
Threat Cloud set to Taylor Swift #CPX360
I've never autographed a bag before. Neat idea, I must say! #CPX360
Even more tapas 😳
Not even sure how this is possible, given ALL the food I had this evening. #bgnow #diabetes
This fish is fresh. They brought it to the table before they cooked it, even.
More tapas!
Getting the stage set for #CPX360
Sunset in Catalonia
All checked in for #CPX360
When in Spain, eat the tapas.
The view from the hotel in Barcelona is 🔥
When in Barcelona, you apparently deplane to the tarmac.
The next best thing to first class: an ENTIRE row to yourself in Comfort+. 👍🏻
Not quite as good as my last seat but this flight is not full and my row looks empty. 🤞🏻
It's not exactly a sunset over an ocean, but it's still a nice one.
It's like the four shots of espresso and water I usually get at @gigdrivestarbucks, but a very different than view.
I wish I had one of these seats all the way to Barcelona, but it does make the flight to JFK that much better.
Hello, Delta SkyClub!

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