Boy, times have changed! My Wicker Park farmers mkt has local artichokes, tat tsoi, homemade misos & vinegars, donut peaches, shishito
Pretty nice for a Chicago garden, Huh?  Banana, pomegranate, bougainvillea, chaya, brugmansia
Gorgeous chorizo & steak tacos (handmade tortillas, salsa verde, güero chiles) at Taste of Randolph Fri-Sunday!
I made this linzer torte (among other things) for my daughter & son-in-law for brunch today.
Staff ed trip #2 CDMX:flavors @ Fonda Fina deeply rooted n tradition,done w chef's eye to beauty, balance, freshness
@juanca3rera of Fonda Fina is one chef to watch in CDMX. Packed with talent and passion.
Nuf said
Just have to share this photo that our friend Kirsten posted from Lanie's wedding! Father-daughter (salsa) dance
Most amazing part of Barcelona's huge 3 Kings parade. Kings bring Xmas gifts (not Santa), so=huge family event
Lavish brunch 4 my wife's bday (pic: r 2nd date): potato pncks, smkd salmon, osetra caviar,poached eggs, Dutch Baby!
San Diego Bay Wine & Food: Day 1 starts w master class @CatalinaOP, then to local produce @SpecialtyProd
S Diego 4 Wine&Food.1st: AMAZING Tijuana: Verde y Crema grill,Salinas locl wine bar,Erizo ceviches.I luv this town!
Home after intense scouting trip planning, season 11 of Mexico:One Plate at a Time in Yucatan. Best things I ate?
MOPAT scout: ki'CHOCOLATL cacao plantn: criollo beans (delish white membrane), grafting, fermenting drying
MOPAT scout: Hunucmá:Doña Lupita&local food author David Sterling:Pollo en Bistec: bistec recado-orange mar+chic+veg
Nov 2, making mucbipollo (pit-cooked tamal for Day of the Dead) at Hacienda Chichén
We are SO PROUD to serve handmade tortillas from 100% non-GMO heirloom corn from Uruapan, Michoacan.
Ascending btiful Aspen Mt (odd playlist!) 2celebrate the gr8)  Jacques Pepin's 80th birthday! #FWClassic #fwfesties
I like Mercado Roma (DF) even bettr now!More var,bettr quality,fewer crowds.New paleta stall w cool flavors+churros!
Soool ooking forward to this event: yoga practice, cooking demo from my new book,food,festivity. for tix
One of my favorite moments of the day in Topolo & Frontera: roasting poblano chiles over the wood fire.
Air-dropped from printer 2 me: 1st copy of MORE MEXICAN EVERYDAY!! So proud/thrilled/satisfied. 2 years n the making
How fresh-ground corn masa gets hand-made n2 tortillas. 2500 times a day every day we're open #Topolo/FronteraService
Deadline 2 apply 4 Frontera Farmer Fndn grants is March 1.Fndn awards small Midwestern farms up to $12,000 4 projects

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